Professional Lawn Care

What We Do

We want your lawn to be healthy and look amazing, no matter the season. With years of experience, we’ve built a solution that does just that. Our Master Plan and Lawn Hazard Plan take the hassle out of lawn maintenance, by fertilising your lawn and ridding your lawn & garden of unwanted pests & diseases, so you can enjoy a beautiful lawn all year round.

How It Works

We start with a free, on-site analysis of your lawn to identify the problem areas and any hazards, so that we can advise you on the best way forward. We’ll quote you on the spot and if all is well, we can arrange a treatment schedule that suits you. 

Once we know where the challenges are, we’ll move ahead with our core product, The Master Plan; a lawn treatment service which repeats every quarter, on a continued basis. This includes fertilising your lawn, killing of weeds, treatment of surface pests, and spraying for ants. 

Or, if there are any lawn hazards present, we will first apply the The Lawn Hazard Plan; the application of a bespoke set of products which deal with lawn hazards including insects, rodents and lawn diseases. 

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