Lawn Hazards

Termites & Harvester Termites

Lawn Master will treat the problem by spraying an insecticide over the entire lawn. The use of termite bait may also be used.

Lawn Caterpillars

Lawn caterpillars are predominantly active at night. They eat the roots of the grass which ultimately results in large patches of dead lawn.

The treatment of Lawn Caterpillars is done by applying a general insecticide, and is included in the Master Plan.

Mole Crickets

Mole crickets are cylindrical-bodied insects about 3–5 cm long, with small eyes and shovel-like fore limbs, which are highly developed for burrowing. The main damage done by mole crickets is caused by their burrowing activities, which disturbs germinating seeds and damages the delicate you roots of seedlings.

We treat the problem using a systemic insecticide sprayed over the entire lawn. Mole cricket bait may also be used.

Rats & Mice

These lockable, and tamper-proof, rat and mice bait stations are recommended if rats and mice are present. Tablets and granular bait can be used.

Weeds in Lawns

Weeds in Lawns are treated using a special blend of Herbicides specific to the problem and is applied to the individual weeds by use of the backpack weed sprayer.

Lawn Diseases

In most cases, we treat lawn diseases with a fungicide and, in all cases, mowing and watering procedures will be recommended.


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