Watering Procedures

General Watering Information

In order to ensure that a lawn grows to its maximum potential, the water table or level of the water beneath the soil must be as deep as possible under the soil surface. This will force the roots of the lawn plant to grow to deeper depths to get to the moisture, thus resulting in a stronger root structure. The stronger the roots of the plant, the stronger the leaves will grow.

The best time to water your lawn is when the least evaporation will take place, as well as the time of day when you are least likely to extend the dew period. If you extend the dew period, you will make your garden more susceptible to fungus diseases. Thus, the best time to water your garden will be early in the morning, between 05h00 and 10h00.

During the warmer months, lawns require a minimum amount of 25mm water per week. This is the primary source of water that the plants need in order to grow to their maximum potential. During the cooler months, the minimum requirement is 25mm every two weeks.

In winter, if you find that there are periods of frost, you can set your irrigation system to switch on for just a minute or two during the coldest time of the day, before 06:30am, every day. This washes the frost off the plants, preventing frost damage, and stops the cells in the plants from bursting, which ultimately helps keep your lawn as green as possible.

After a Lawn Master service, it’s important that you start watering the following morning, for at least 3 consecutive days, to allow enough time for the herbicides to be absorbed by the weeds and  for the fertiliser dissolve. If the fertiliser doesn’t fully dissolve, it may cause lawn burn. 

When Lawn Master has treated your lawn for insects and diseases, your lawn must not be watered for at least 4 days after the application.

Lawn Watering Instructions

To ensure the correct watering plan for your lawn place a small straight sided dish, with a mark at 25mm, at +/- 1.5 to 2.5 meters from the sprinkler head or at the perimeter of the spray.

Turn on your watering system and time how long it takes to fill the container to the 25ml mark. This is the optimum watering time for that specific area of your lawn.


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